Registration For BITA Garba Event 2017


Notes: Girls Entry Free with Traditional Dress.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants below 16 years of age have to provide their father’s photo identity.
  • NRI / Outside Baroda applicants can authorize their relatives or friends in Vadodara to receive the smart card on their behalf by showing the ID proof of the applicant and the authorized person.
  • BITA shall not be responsible to participants / invitees / attendants / viewers for any damage or injury in person or property in the event of any stampede, disruption, civil commotion (not) caused due to individual quarrel, dispute of natural events such as rain, fire, earthquake etc.
  • Registration is mandatory for every garba participants and he must wear the smart card around the neck while playing.
  • Traditional Garba attire (Kurta Pajama or Dhoti) is mandatory.
  • Garba participants must maintain discipline and code of conduct at the ground.
  • Garba participants must produce the smart card as and when required by the organizers/volunteers/security.
  • Participants found under the influence of alcohol / drugs / misbehaving will be handed over to the police, The smart card will be confiscated and no refund will be given. The management’s decision in this regards will be final.
  • The smart card is for personal use of the Garba participant. The card is non-transferable. Non-compliance of this will result in confiscation of the smart card without refund.
  • In case of any calamities / rains / fire or other mishaps and legal hurdles, which may cause change of time. Cancellation or part cancellation of the festival the donation is non-refundable.
  • Timing of Garba shall be as per government rules and regulations.
  • The smart card is property of BITA which will be collected back on the last night at the Garba Ground.
  • For any dispute of clarifications, the decision of BITA Shall be final. All legal disputes to Vadodara Jurisdiction only.
  • Preserve your smart card carefully.
  • In case of lost smart card please inform BITA volunteer immediately at the ground Duplicate smart card may be issued by paying Rs. 300 donation which is non-refundable.